About Ri


Hello there!

My name is LaRisha, but just call me RiRi!  I am the owner of "RiCreatedIt" which is located in my hometown of Champaign, Illinois.

I specialize in designing, creating, and recreating, a range of items whether it's home décor, items for your personal use and popcorn party favors. 

First thing's first! Let me tell you what "RiCreatedIt" (Re-created-it) stands for.

"Ri" is short for my nickname, RiRi.

"Created" I LOVE to design and create things whether it's big, small, old or new.

"It" is every item I lay my hands on, it will always be made with passion and sealed with love. 

In the past, I've always limited my work to family and close friends. Until one day in the fall of 2020, I decided to post one of my DIY’s on a decorating page on social media. The outpour of likes and comments were absolutely AMAZING! My post reached over 7k likes and this is what motivated me to share and push my hidden talents even further. 

Hopefully you’ll find something suitable to fit your needs, whether it’s something small or something tall. “RiCreatedIt” is eager to bring joy and elegance into your home, office, personal space and even something you can taste! 


RiRi ❤️